Friday, October 21, 2016

A little story about a little book for little ladies

I’m always on the lookout for books for my girls with good storylines. Things that spur them on to be better kids and to see that there are other kids in the world like them. When I find something good, I like to share it with others...and I’ve found the best way to share it is to get the local library to purchase their own copy! So, when Natalie Grant published two books, I asked our public library to order them and they did. Sweet! Now any kid can find these while they browse the juvenile fiction section of our library. The story gets sweeter when I saw Grant had written a third volume, so I downloaded a copy onto my phone. 

Miracle in Music City is about a set of sisters and their mom in Nashville and the funny things they find themselves doing. They love solving mysteries, just as any girl does! This is a fun read, a good one to add to your vacation reading list for your kids. 

As far as e-books, I come back AGAIN to the point that my kids and I do not enjoy them. We had to keep reminding ourselves that this book was stored on my devices. I thought having it with me all the time would mean that we would read it when we were waiting for piano lessons, soccer games or other appointments, but we didn’t. I don’t know if we will ever enjoy the e-book format, so for now, I will be sure to only get physical copies of the books I want us to read. 

Thanks BookLook for a free download in exchange for an honest review.